In Praise of Marisa Tomei


Remember when Marisa Tomei became a worldwide punchline because she upset the pundits by copping the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 1992’s My Cousin Vinny, thereby beating a whole bunch of hoity-toity types with accents not from da Bronx?

Well, despite all the conspiracy theories that floated like spit bubbles, she happened to have won fair and square, so people should shut up already, especially as we approach the 20th anniversary of this landmark occasion.

And she’s proved the naysayers wrong by copping two other nominations since then (for In the Bedroom and The Wrestler) and scoring in everything from splashy movies to quirky indies and even onstage (Top Girls).

And now, Marisa has a choice part in the comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, playing a woman who gets turned on when Steve Carell calls her both sexy and cute, which flings her into a crazy-stupid-lovin’ frenzy.

Thanks to one of the film’s many coincidences, she comes back when catapulted into the lives of Carell and his estranged wife (Julianne Moore), as much more dangerous sparks fly and Marisa gets to act up like a madwoman.

And she’s a delight. She’s outrageous enough and subtle enough and really fun to watch.

It’s no fluke.

So nyah.