Kenneth Clarfield, the Flatiron District’s Maybe-Menace, Says He Waved Fingers, Not a Gun


So it seems like there might have not been a gun involved in that initially-reported-as-a-hostage situation near the Flatiron Building Wednesday, but at least we got sound bites out of it! After the man in question, 69-year-old Kenneth Clarfield, was released without bail yesterday, he gave reporters quite a show outside Manhattan Criminal Court. He stuck his tongue out! Hey! That’s not nice.

Clarfield is charged with, according to the Post, “menacing and weapons possession,” and DNAinfo reports that he is accused of hollering, “Don’t touch my f—ing window or I’ll shoot you.” But Clarfield said that he didn’t wave a gun. He actually waved his fingers (wouldn’t waving multiple figures be like waving a hand? Isn’t that a sign of friendliness?) at construction workers on the other side of his window. No gun was found on the scene when he was arrested. Clarfield said the drilling was bugging him when, really, he just wanted cook spaghetti and meatballs. And we’ve learned more today about his digestive habits: he likes “southern Asian food” as well.

We’ve compiled Clarfield’s phraseology from the Post‘s article:

To reporters: “You want a picture of me?” and “F—ing morons!”

On one of the construction workers: “He thought the word ‘drilling’ was ‘killing.'”

And: “He’s wearing a turban, and it’s covering his ears, and perhaps English is his second language. I have nothing against these people. I love southern Asian food. But I don’t like someone with a turban who I’ve never met drilling into my apartment.”

On why he couldn’t call 911: “By that time this guy is on a plane to Arabia or wherever the hell he’s going.”

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