Stressed-Out Hamptons Puppies May Get Valium, Earmuffs


This Reuters headline really says it all: “Pampered pooches may pop Valium to cope with N.Y. rock festival.” Did you get that? We’ll expound. East Hampton is playing host to the “Music to Know Festival” August 13 and 14. The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons is located on the same patch of land that will be the festival’s home. So the shelter is kind of freaking out about the noise, and now the pups and kitties might get drugs, earmuffs and classical music to help them cope with the blaring sounds of evil rock music. While the idea of earmuffs on a puppy is kind of precious, we’re a little nervous about the prospect of Valium. We’re also currently reading Valley of the Dolls so that may play into our anxiety regarding the subject. (Maybe we need a Valium?) Puppies, don’t get addicted! Hugs, not drugs! But also, we’re a little confused about what all the fuss is about. Not only does the Reuters article mention that these animals already deal with the noise of the airport runway 50 yards away from their shelter, but we looked at the bands on the bill. Vampire Weekend? Ellie Goulding? M. Ward? Bright Eyes? Maybe the Valium is to get over the depression the poor puppies will suffer after listening to Bright Eyes. [Reuters]