Who Are These Lunatics Who Hate Long Weekends?


To us, a long weekend is a joyous gift, a blessed event, something we anticipate wholeheartedly and embrace with both hands, even if both hands are around glasses of wine (all the better for a long weekend!) A long weekend is perfect. There is a day to recover from the week, a day to do all the stuff you didn’t get done during the week, and a day to do whatever you want — a bonus day, if you will! We simply adore long weekends. But according to the Canadian publication Macleans, there are a bunch of people out there who do not like long weekends. There are people who become depressed by long weekends, who even despise long weekends. Macleans calls this the “Long Weekend Blues,” or, perhaps, LWAD (Long Weekend Affective Disorder). There is an acronym for it! But who are these insane people, and why do they feel this way?

Their tales will break your heart. One says,

“Every long weekend feels to me like everyone else has big, unusual fun plans. I dread it. It’s a reminder that my life is a little slow or empty or something. The last long weekend, there was a truck of people dressed up with brass instruments having the time of their lives. As I watched them drive by, I was like, ‘Where are all you people going and how come I don’t know about it?’ It just feels like a long weekend is one big party I had no idea about.”

Oh, man.

Another said that all she does on long weekends is chores, and there’s no one to do fun stuff with, and another said everyone else seems to be doing better stuff than she is, and some people feel guilty that they’re not doing anything, and then they feel depressed about feeling guilty, and oh my God this is really sad.

Meanwhile, a therapist explains that a change in routine can add anxiety, and perhaps that is the case for these folks. She said, “When you get back to the office and people ask, ‘How was your weekend?’ it can be brutal.” Oof. A psychotherapist says that humans may simply “not be wired to deal with that one extra day, because it’s just not enough time.”

Keep it to yourself, psychotherapist! We would prescribe a long weekend for all of these people, but you know where that would get us. Seriously, hating long weekends: Is this some kind of Canadian thing? Please, help us understand.

P.S.: I will be away on Monday.

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