Woman Who Chili-Bombed 65 Pairs of Victoria’s Secret Panties Is Finally Apprehended


Justice! The woman who in April of this year entered a Victoria’s Secret in White Plains and, seeking revenge for an alleged “earlier shoplifting incident,” poured a container of chili all over 65 pairs of panties, which cost $750 dollars, a woman who had been on the lam ever since, has been caught. We may now sleep just a little bit easier knowing that our frilly pink things have been to some extent vindicated. The woman, Lauren Jackson, 19, hails from Yonkers, and she was busted by doing the thing that more sophisticated criminals tell you never to do: She returned to the scene of the crime. But, how can one resist, when the delicious smells of orchard peach and white raspberry hand lotions waft from the open doors of the shop and lure you in, sultrily? Not to mention, all of those silky, lacy underthings! Is any human woman impervious to such charms?

An employee from another store recognized Jackson from the time she’d thrown chili all over a display case at Vicky’s and called the cops, who brought Jackson to a place far less fragrant and delightful, where she was charged with third-degree criminal mischief.

Yonkers woman arrested in White Plains chili caper at Victoria’s Secret [Lo-Hud]

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