One Glove Bandit Strikes Again, Robs Third NYC Bank


The latest bandit in town is the “One Glove Bandit,” named thusly because his gimmick — and every criminal needs a good gimmick these days — is that he wears a single glove, à la Michael Jackson. So far, he’s robbed three NYC banks, the latest being a Chase Bank in Flushing yesterday morning at gunpoint. He and his gloved hand made off with a “large amount of money.” The OGB is described as a black Hispanic male, 5’8″, last seen wearing a blue Yankees hat, black sunglasses, and a blue and black long-sleeve plaid shirt. He’s also believed to have robbed the same Signature Bank in Brooklyn twice, on May 6 and July 1. The FBI describes his robberies as “increasingly violent.” Anyone with information is asked to call 212-384-1000. [FBI / Gothamist]