Prospect Park Wildlife Threatened By Poachers


A group of homeless people have been camping out beside the Prospect Park lake for the last two months and hunting small game for food, reports the Post. The poachers stuck to the lake’s southern end, where they littered the area with cans and trash and killed “wildlife” like squirrels, ducks, and cygnets using quite cruel methods. They roasted the meat over illegal fires or just ate it raw. Disgusting! Barbaric! And is it even hunting season?

No, it is not — at least not for small game. As you can see here, squirrel hunting season doesn’t start in our area until November 1st:

And ducks, too, don’t start till November on Long Island (closest the regulations come to covering New York City, since people don’t normally hunt here. Obviously). So, the Prospect Park Poachers are also out of season, on top of being the kind of people who will voluntarily eat pigeons and squirrels. That being said: as can be seen here, the ways in which to eat squirrel are many and varied.