Anders Behring Breivik’s Twitter Account Hacked


The Twitter account belonging to Anders Behring Breivik, the man who murdered over 90 people in Norway in twin attacks over a week ago, appears to have been hacked.

That tweet indicates that “hacktivist” group Anonymous is behind the hack.

More of the hacked tweets:

Anonymous recently launched a campaign called “Operation UnManifest,” which was meant to destroy Breivik’s racist 1,500 page manifesto. Operation UnManifest’s call to arms:

As Anders Behring Breivik wants to use the cruel action of killing over 90 young people to promote his 1516-page manifesto, also with the help of the internet, Anonymous suggests following action:

  1. Find the Manifest of Anders Behring Breivik : 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence
  2. Change it, add stupid stuff, remove parts, shoop his picture, do what you like to…..
  3. Republish it everywhere and up vote releases from other peoples, declare that the faked ones are original
  4. Let Anders become a joke, such that nobody will take him serious anymore
  5. Spread this message around the internet and real life, translate it
  6. Have a moment for the victims of his cruel attacks

We all are anonymous,
We all are Legion,
We all do not forgive murder,
We all do not forget the victims.

The hacked tweets perpetuate this effort to get people to not “take him serious anymore,” in particular the crude soap-dropping ones. But if Anonymous “wants Anders to be forgotten,” is hacking into his inactive Twitter account the right way to accomplish that?