Debt Deal Passes; Mailman arrested for Diamond District Theft; Anders Behring Breivik Reportedly had Plastic Surgery in America to Look More Aryan


Last night, President Obama announced that congressional leaders and the White House had made a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The agreement, which is expected to be voted through today, raises the debt ceiling $900 billion to get the country through the year. A special congressional committee will be tasked with coming together to make cuts to generate $1.5 trillion more in savings with across the board cuts of Medicare and the defense budget included. [Politico]

Shameek Dickerson, a mailman, was arrested for stealing parcels bound for customers in the Diamond District. Police hid a GPS tracker in a dummy package and Dickerson took the bait. “I opened the package today because I thought there was jewelry inside of it,” he told investigators. [NYP]

Norweigen terrorist Anders Behring Breivik traveled to America to have plastic surgery in order to look more Aryan, according to a school friend. [NYDN]

Today, New Yorkers will start to get the Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera English for 23 hours a day. The network will sublet time from the RISE channel, which can be found on channel 92 for Time Warner subscribers and channel 466 for FiOS customers. [NYT]

Ramadan begins today. [The Hijri Calendar]