La Esquina’s Williamsburg Sibling Has Undergone Some Major Plastic Surgery


On August 8, Café de la Esquina at the Wythe Diner (or CaLaEsWyDi, as real-estate parlance would have it) will open itself up to Williamsburg’s general populace.

The Feast has a nifty video preview of the place, which occupies the host body of the old Relish diner. In the video, James Gersten and Derek Sanders, who are two of the partners behind the original La Esquina, describe how the space needed to be “warmed up a little bit,” which they accomplished by adding wood laminate, some candelabras, and a dining room outfitted with caged cattle skulls and some serious mood lighting.

“It’s similar to Kenmare in that the experience is meant to be transporting,” Sanders explains. Going by its appearance, we’re guessing the dining room is supposed to transport us to an orgy room on a Mexican ranch. Whatever the case, the restaurant will also comprise a café in the original diner space and a taqueria that will soon open in the back garden that they plan to decorate with lights on the trees. Those, Gersten says, “will make it feel like it’s a destination unto itself.” Even if no one can be bothered to say its full name.