Oscar Winner Keeps Award In Bathroom


After a screening of Alex Gibney‘s Magic Trip (above) the other night, Gibney talked about the Oscar he won for 2007’s Taxi to the Dark Side, a searing look at prison abuse in the war on terror.

Revealed Gibney, “The Oscar is in the downstairs bathroom. This way, anyone who goes in there can hold it in front of the mirror.”

With a smile, he added, “You have 30 seconds before the music starts!”

Or your moment of glory gets flushed down the toy-toy.

As for Gibney’s newest bid for gold — a doc about 1960s author Ken Kesey and his marauding bus trip with the Merry Pranksters — he said:

“This is not what we think of as the ’60s, when everybody had long hair.

“This was kids who looked like they were part of a fraternity, going on a road trip.

“And it had a bedrock Americana to it. Kesey felt he was a frontiersman taking off to the West.

“Like Dylan, every time the culture started to catch up to him, he’d take a left turn. He never wanted to be a follower, but a leader.”

Alas, he died in 2001, or he could go to the downstairs bathroom and hold an Oscar.