Performance Art Brings Naked People To Wall Street


This morning 50 people got naked on Wall Street. Nope, it wasn’t a rebellion staged by haggard I-banking interns who had spent one too many late nights glaring at Excel spreadsheets: it was performance art! As a part of “Ocularpation: Wall Street” created by artist Zefrey Throwell, performers dressed up as people who occupy the financial district: businessmen and women, hot dog vendors, janitors and secretaries. Then, at 7 a.m., they all stripped, DNAinfo reported. Three of the participants were arrested and given summons for disorderly conduct. According to the New York Times, the purpose of the project was to “expose the realities of working on the nation’s financial artery as a commentary on the state of the economy.” And penis. The purpose also probably had something to do with penis. Gawker has video. Penis. [Gawker, DNAinfo, NYT]