Pieces Bar Is Facing All New Opposition


My favorite bar, Pieces, was all set to move to a new location on 8th Street after having demonstrated to the Community Board that it’s a safe, warm, fun, but not intrusive place.

But owner Eric Einstein now shockingly tells me this:

“The residential tenants are exerting so much pressure on the landlord, she (Jane Goldman) is backing out of the deal. We are/were supposed to sign today.

“Things that were said at the CB2 meeting by the members of the Community Board:

*Pieces is one of the best operations in the entire CB.

*There is a saturation issue, and normally a new license would not be granted but for our special status as an exceptional operator in the area moving an existing operation.

*There has never been so much community support for a liquor license in the history of CB2.

*There are no real complaints about Pieces where it is.

“Additionally, I have agreed to a list of items with the CB, including but not limited to soundproofing. The people who are afraid of having Pieces on their block (and there are many who are in favor, too) are simply afraid of the unknown and/or change. They have never even taken the time to walk the 300′ to where we are now to check us out.

“In addition to support from people on the street, I have letters of support from charities including AVP, the AIDS Service Center, the Imperial Court, Bronx Community Pride Center, and more.