U.S. Seizes $180 Million Worth of Cocaine From “Semi-Submarine” off Honduran Coast


The Coast Guard announced they intercepted and seized a semi-submersible vessel, its five-man crew and 7.5 tons of cocaine. A U.S. Customs and Border Protection airplane spotted the fiberglass semi-submarine and a Coast Guard cutter caught up to it off the Caribbean coast of Gracias a Dios, Honduras. The Miami Herald reports the traffickers sank the ship, but this weekend an FBI dive team was able to find it and its cargo: $180 million worth of cocaine.

Capt. Brendan McPherson of the Coast Guard said, “The technical expertise of the FBI dive team was instrumental in the success of this unique operation in international waters, far from U.S. shores, that ultimately prevented tons of cocaine from reaching our streets and neighborhoods.” And Chromeo concerts.

This high-tech method of transport is becoming more and more common, with Columbian-manufactured fiberglass submarines acting as the new “butt stuffed with drug-filled condoms.”

US stops vessel carrying $180M worth of cocaine [Miami Herald]