15 Things Cabbies Have Done to Avoid Going to Brooklyn


What is it about Brooklyn and cab drivers? Why do they hate each other so much? Despite Mayor Bloomberg telling all cabbies they have to go to Brooklyn (and any other boroughs) when asked to do so by a passenger — and upping the fines for drivers who don’t follow the rules — as recently as Saturday a driver who picked up two passengers on the Lower East Side yelled “Get the fuck out! I’ll break your face!” among other colorful phrases when his riders asked to go to Brooklyn at 1:30 in the morning. The New York Post reports, “the driver lunged at the passengers twice, and at one point exited the cab in an attempt to fight one of the would-be riders.” The cab driver was so distraught over the idea of crossing the bridge that he apparently also said he was going to quit his job, that he was going back to school, and that he was going on a shift change.

Be all that as deplorable/horrifying/unjust/amusing as you dub it, it also makes us think. This has happened way more times than necessary to make it a New York City trend story! Thus, we’re calling it as such. Here is a collection of various recorded methods in Internet (and our own) history that cabbies have used to avoid crossing over into that dually loathed/loved borough. (Note: Skilled drivers may combine several of these methods for greater success.)

1. Suddenly going off-duty

2. Pretending not to see you

3. Physically attempting to pull you out of the car by your legs

4. Telling you, threateningly, “You’re going to be sorry!”

5. Driving terribly, weaving, gassing and breaking, making you think you will die

6. Cursing

7. Feigning sleep or illness

8. Demanding cash when you have none/Pretending the ATM isn’t working

9. Claiming the cab is broken

10. Claiming to have no idea of where to go

11. Yelling “NO NO NO!”

12. Saying it’s “my cab” and you didn’t make the rules, and also, what are you going to do when I say no, put me in jail?

13. Requiring you to say where you’re going first before they let you in, then speeding away when you say “B–”

14. Dragging you by a jacket caught in a car door after speeding off when asked to go to Brooklyn

15. Simply refusing to move

Then there’s finally agreeing to take you, but being angry the entire time. We’re not sure which is worse.

As for the cab driver in the most recent instance, he is being investigated by the TLC.