Action Bronson, the Coolest Chef/Rapper Ever, Loves His Meat


Didn’t get a chance to make it to Meatopia a few weeks back? Well you can still have a peek at the event through the eyes of Action Bronson, only the coolest rapper/chef around. Highsnobiety has a video of the rapper’s tour of the meat-centric festival.

Why is the New York rapper so effing awesome? Well, most notably because he integrates food into his raps. On his album, Dr. Lecter, you’ll find songs like “Brunch,” “Shiraz,” “Jerk Chicken,” and “Forbidden Fruit.” His lyrics, too, show a passion for food. How many other rappers really rhyme about Grana Padano, duck prosciutto, Peking duck, yakitori, and olives from Tunisia?

But even better, he actually has cooking videos, Action in the Kitchen, like this one in which he makes seared ahi tuna — sushi grade, because “he doesn’t play games.”