Banks Have Gotten Extra Desperate! Avoid!


Don’t set foot in a bank unless you have to, people.

Just do it all online.

The other day, I happened to drop by a bank just to make a quick transaction that they had recommended I take care of to make future dealings easier.

Well, the second I walked in, a financial adviser cornered me, asked me what my plans were for my other money in the bank, and started hawking me on various options with supposedly more variable rates. (“It could end up giving you 6 percent,” he beamed. Yeah, it could, but it won’t. Their CDs barely scrape 0.4 percent.)

He even wanted to know what other banks I have money stashed in.

As if I’m going to scream out a list of my accounts in public, just so this high-pressure douche can figure out what I should do with it, without having even been asked!

Such desperation is unbecoming, even for money people. I know they’re anxious to get their hands on my cash in ways that they’ll make more profit from, but that’s not my problem.

“I didn’t come here for an interrogation,” I said, flummoxed.

“I came here for a quick, simple transaction that you’d recommended. And when it’s time, I’ll be taking my other money out of this bank and putting it elsewhere,” I said as he sat there, stunned.

And with that, I did my tiny bit to help solve the debt crisis.