Letter Grades on Food Carts Not Imminent; Food Corps Still Placing Unhealthy Products


Mayor Bloomberg is at odds with the Health Department over letter grades on food carts. He wants them, but with just 20 out of 100-odd inspectors assigned to mobile vendors, there aren’t enough resources to grade the city’s 5,100 street-food carts. [NY Post]

Major food corps may have pledged to stop marketing unhealthy foods to kids, but there’s a loophole: product placement. [Reuters]

At least one person has died and 76 more in 26 states were sickened by tainted turkey, said to be contaminated with salmonella. [MSNBC]

A new study suggests that chewing your food for longer allows you to take in fewer calories, which could help with weight loss. [Reuters]

Chicken-coop tours in cities around the country are yet another indication of the growing popularity of city folk who raise chickens. [Wall Street Journal]

The Cheesecake Factory has rolled out a new “SkinnyLicious” menu of dishes with 590 calories or less, including a Mexican Tortilla Salad and hamburger. [Nation’s Restaurant News]