New Yorkers Are Migrating Away From New York


According to a recent analysis of census data from the Empire Center New York State Policy, New Yorkers are leaving for other states in the greatest numbers of the past three decades. However, this doesn’t mean that our numbers are shrinking: The population rose from 18.9 million to 19.4 million throughout the state, according to the 2010 census. This is because more babies are being born than people are dying/moving away, plus there are the 895,150 people who have moved here from abroad in the last 10 years — which means your rent is still high, your apartment is still small, and you still have to fight it out for a taxi to the airport in the rain. But! The number of people leaving New York State outnumbered those arriving from other states by “more than 1.5 million,” and this is the “second consecutive decade in which domestic migration loss was the highest of any state as a percentage of population.” New York had the third highest rate of loss among 20 states; economists attribute this to a number of reasons including housing and business costs, lack of good job opportunities, and, hey, it’s hard to live here. Which is part of what makes it worth it (for some of us, at least) when we don’t fly south for winter.