Peacock Escapes Central Park Zoo; People Go Crazy


Hot on the heels of that Bronx Zoo Peacock that went on the lam and got a Twitter account back in May, there’s a new escapee bird about town. This one hails from the Central Park Zoo and was sighted on the fourth floor of 838 Fifth Avenue near East 65th Street this afternoon, prompting onlookers to tweet jokes like “Hey @BronxzoosCobra, lunch!” and “Don’t jump! We promise to get you a new birdbath!” According to our own C.C. Kellogg, who was on the scene and shot this photo, a cop said of the whole event, “Well, this is awkward.”

Also awkward: Humans freaking out about escaped peacocks. Again. Doesn’t anyone have any scrapbooking to do?

Zoo officials wrote in a statement, via DNA Info,

“The peacock poses no danger to anyone. To ensure a good outcome in this situation, we ask everyone not to follow or harass the bird if they see him.”

“We are hopeful he will either fly back to the zoo or we will retrieve him nearby,” the statement added.

Kellogg reports, “There was also a homeless man trying to lure it down by playing a flute, and a small crowd. Neither were very well received by the cops. The peacock was just outside someone’s window; the cops were negotiating with the apartment building and trying to figure out how to trap it.”

As is customary in these situations, at least one person had to say “Only in New York,” even though escaped peacocks are more likely to happen in any number of other places, and, actually, more humans are escaping New York than are peacocks. But we digress. Only in New York!

The peacock has at least one Twitter account. Oh, here’s another. Run, Peacock, Run!