Ryan and Tatum’s Show: Way Better Than You’d Think


I have a deep distrust for most reality shows, especially ones in which people seek to heal their personal relationships in front of a camera.

But Ryan and Tatum O’Neal have always struck me as charismatic and fascinating people, and their Ryan & Tatum show on OWN is a big notch above most other televised attempts at celebrity reconciliation.

For one thing, these two are smart and complicated (if often lost) and don’t tend to devolve into the screechy “You suck!” kind of theatrics you see on other shows.

When they’re seen talking to shrinks, they really get to the heart of their regrets, Tatum upset that Dad can’t see how insensitive he can be, while Ryan is pissed his Oscar-winning daughter says he abused her (hardly the only abuse accusations the man has ever gotten).

As they haggle it out, the tears on this show seem real.

Both parties’ “truths” come off authentic (with Tatum’s coming off more authentic).

And though it’s only a paper moon, I really want these two to work it out.

But I could have done without the scene where Ryan talks to Farrah’s grave.