Scaffolding Totally Ruins Bride’s Dream Wedding


You know what they say about weddings — something is bound to go wrong. Ideally it’s not because you eat a peanut and die from anaphylactic shock, or because it turns out that your groom had an affair with your mother, though anyone with allergies and/or a certain kind of groom/mother should really watch out for that on the big day. Another terrible thing that can happen is that you can spend $1,800 to reserve the Montauk Club in Park Slope, and then the building can suddenly have scaffolding all over it at the time of your planned wedding and also, adding insult to injury, slap a port-o-john down in the yard, presumably for workers, not that your fiance’s friends won’t be encouraged to go there. When you try to get your money back, the club will refuse, and merely give you a discount on catering. They also may say something insensitive, like that the scaffolding will really only be visible for “a minute and a half walking up the steps.”

Six brides who have been dealt the unjust treatment above have gotten attorney David Schwarz to fight for their right to have a wedding without scaffolding. Metro reports that he is trying to get their money back. If he does not succeed, the lawsuits will begin.

One bride, Rachel McLennan, said “I cried hysterically in front of the club when I saw it. I was devastated.”

While we at Runnin’ Scared feel that there should, indeed, be truth in advertising, we also sort of think that that anyone who uses the phrase “dream wedding” may need a bit of scaffolding, for when things inevitably veer into reality. At least it’s not peanuts.

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