With the Cardinal, Dov Charney Penetrates the Restaurant Business


Given that the city is oversaturated with both Southern restaurants and American Apparel outlets, it’s only natural that the two have come together, as it were.

Earlier today, The Local East Village reported that Curtis Brown, the erstwhile chef at Bubby’s Tribeca location, will open the Cardinal, a “90 percent Southern” restaurant that takes its name from North Carolina’s state bird. Located at 234 East 4th Street, it will serve such things as lard biscuits, North Carolina-style pulled pork, and fried chicken when it opens later this month. Beef will come from Fleisher’s, and Heritage Food is expected to supply the whole pigs that Brown will turn into sausages, headcheese, and the like.

All of this will be made possible in part by Dov Charney, the epically lecherous founder of American Apparel (if you somehow have never heard about his exploits both admitted and alleged, we direct you to the fine and lengthy coverage over at Runnin’ Scared). Charney, who is a friend of Brown’s front-of-the-house partner, will reportedly have a “hands-off” role in the venture. Given where his hands have allegedly been, that’s a relief.