Dolce Vizio to Tart up Tiramisú


Picking up where the 31 flavors of Stuffed Artisan Cannolis left off, a new shop named Dolce Vizio is determined to convince New Yorkers that tiramisu is the next relentlessly customizable member of the Italian dessert canon.

Urban Daddy reports that the West Village shop, which opens this Saturday, will offer the dessert — which is traditionally comprised of coffee-dipped ladyfingers layered with a creamy mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone and flavored with cocoa and liqueur — in flavors like Nutella, mango, orange espresso, et al. According to the website, you can also request that your ladyfingers be soaked in peach salsa and the tiramisú topped with streusel.

One could ask, as we have many times in the last five minutes, if this is in any way necessary, given that for centuries, tiramisu has been perfectly perfect as it is. But really, where dessert and money-making opportunities are concerned, necessity is beside the point.

Just as the world wasn’t crying out for 40 flavors of cake balls on a stick or Key lime pie-flavored cannoli, it could likely live without tiramisu that can be customized like an L.L. Bean tote bag. That won’t stop Dolce Vizio from trying to make us believe otherwise, but they’ll never convince us that streusel belongs anywhere near a ladyfinger.

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