Faye Dunaway Is Being Sued by Her New York Landlord Over Her Rent-Stabilized Apartment


Shockingly, Faye Dunaway is facing eviction in Manhattan housing court. More shockingly, Faye Dunaway pays $1048.72 a month for her rent-stabilized 1-bedroom walkup on East 78th. Slightly less shockingly, Dunaway may not actually inhabit the apartment, but instead lives in California, per a lawsuit filed by her landlord yesterday. Her son Liam Dunaway O’Neill is a subtenant in the apartment, and has acknowledged on Twitter that he also lives in California. But according to rent-stabilization rules, Dunaway would need to inhabit 78th Street as a primary residence — though the New York Times does point out that she’s not living particularly glamorously in either abode, despite once inhabiting a far more fancy apartment at the Eldorado.

The home in California is a nice but not flashy house on which she still carries a mortgage, according to the lawsuit. Her car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla.

The [New York] building’s hallway floors are green linoleum. Its cream walls are chipped, and pink marble steps lead up to her third-floor unit. Her front door is painted aquamarine and has the names “Dunaway/ONeill” and “PT Bascom” listed by the black doorbell. There is a simple brown doormat with black trim. No one answered the door on Tuesday afternoon.

Dunaway has rented the place on 78th Street since August of 1994, and since that time your average 1-bedroom rental, even on the Upper East Side, has gone up to approximately $2,318. So, her landlord wants her out, so he can charge more. It’s the story of all of our lives, even if all of us weren’t once the star of Bonnie and Clyde.

Dunaway has a hearing in civil court scheduled for mid-August. Will she show? “Neighbors said that while they had seen Ms. Dunaway in the past, they had not seen her much lately.”

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