Park Slopers Offer $500 for the Return of Monkey Doll, the ‘Son They Never Had’


In Park Slope, a couple is desperate. A parenting nightmare has become their own — where, oh where, is their monkey doll, Bongo? Bonni Marcus and Jack Zinzi lost Bongo, who is, yes, a stuffed monkey doll, on Sunday night at around 7 p.m. as they headed to El Viejo Yayo, a restaurant on Fifth Avenue. He was there, and then he wasn’t, reports the Brooklyn Paper, which is taking the case of missing Bongo very seriously.

“I walked over to the restaurant, sat down, ordered the food, and reached into my pocket to put Bongo on the table — and saw that he was gone,” Zinzi said. “I tore the car apart. I was in a bad way. Bongo really means a lot to me, so I kind of broke down.

“It happened so fast, because I couldn’t have been in the restaurant 10 minutes before I realized he was gone,” Zinzi continued.

“Somebody must have come along and thought he was as cute as I know he is.”

Marcus and Zinzi, 47 and 58, are not married or even dating. But they have plastered those streets with posters requesting Bongo’s safe return, offering $500 as a reward for any tips. He is considered “the son they never had,” a member of the unusual family, and a great listener as well as an excellent traveler, with visits to a Hindu hermitage in the Bahamas and Coney Island under his metaphorical belt.

There may be hope for Bongo, with several sightings reported, even though at least one insensitive and animal-challenged resident of Park Slope says, “What’s the big deal? Get another teddy bear!”

Well, no wonder he hasn’t been found. If you’ve seen Bongo, and not just some bear or whatever, please get in touch.

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