Of all the films that were inspired by an SNL skit, which was the highest-grossing at the box office? Here’s a hint: Schwing! Yes, Wayne’s World raked in $183 million worldwide. The 1992 film’s metal-head geeks Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar were heroes to the slacker generation. They taught us that it was OK to still live at home as adults and play air guitar on public-access cable television, and that even if you were kind of a loser, all your wildest dreams (like meeting Alice Cooper backstage and having a “total babe” fall in love with you) could still come true. Tonight’s screening is almost the final film in L Mag‘s SummerScreen series (next week’s screening of Clueless is the last). Food and drink will be for sale, and be sure to enter the raffle to win an iPad2.

Wed., Aug. 17, 2011