Pitch Of The Week!


This is by far the most memorable pitch that’s been aimed my way recently, and it’s possibly the wackiest since a publicist asked if I wanted to interview one of the Jersey Boys about hay fever.

Here it is …

“According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, 7.5 million Americans suffer from this autoimmune disease including Kim Kardashian, who was recently diagnosed with Psoriasis leaving many women to wonder if the red spots on their skin are something to be concerned about or how they can treat them.

“Our expert Dermatologist, Dr. Glenn Kolansky, and our plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, have treated many different skin disorders such as Psoriasis and can provided your readers with the information to recognize and identify if they need to see their doctor.

“Would you like to speak with Dr. Glenn Kolansky or Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel? Please let me know if you are interested.”

Exciting, no? Yet somehow I’m itching to not respond.