Rock Beach Is Dead; Please Welcome Rock Yard, Featuring YIMBY Favorites Cerebral Ballzy And CSC Funk Band


After chaos and snippines and a downed website and lots of Brooklyn Vegan comment-section speculation and what their official newsletter is calling “a few casual decisions” (hmm), JellyNYC has abandoned the deep-Brooklyn concert series Rock Beach for—wait for it—Rock Yard, which will hold its first installment at The Morgan. Which just happens to be located in closer-to-home-for-the-demographic Bushwick. As of now, the inaugural show is set for Sunday at 2 p.m., and its lineup is pretty solid; among the bands on the bill are Cerebral Ballzy and CSC Funk Band. Flyer below.

(Please tell me that Comic Sans hasn’t been appropriated by the ironists? LOL indeed.)