Steve Duncan Explores the Abandoned Bowery Subway Station


Via MyBlockNYC, a cool new interactive New York City mapping site that pulls together local videos from its users, here is Steve Duncan, urban spelunker, exploring the depths of the abandoned Bowery subway station at Spring between Bowery and Elizabeth. The video, filmed by Andrew Wonder, manages to be creepy, thrilling, and a bit anxiety-producing (at least for us, what with our intense paranoia related to being on the subway tracks). It’s worth a watch. Spoiler alert: at the end, Duncan somehow emerges onto the subway station at 2nd Avenue — as Bowery Boogie points out, this is “likely due to the Chrystie Street Connection, which carries quite the confusing history” — and you can see the glee in his eyes. This is why people explore, urbanly. [Bowery Boogie]