Worst Female Film Performance Ever


I got this idea from, some of whose nominees I’m including, while adding a few of my own, all based on extremely traumatizing experiences.

Your horrible choices are:

*Cindy Crawford, Fair Game

She played a lawyer with pert nipples. I’m the only one who saw this cinema classic, so you must believe me on this one.

*Lindsay Lohan, I Know Who Killed My Career

I mean I Know Who Killed Me

*Kim Novak, Jeanne Eagels

I like Kim, but playing one of the acting greats of all time was probably a bad idea. When she does a scene from Rain and is supposed to dazzle your socks off, it’s sub-high-school level.

*Lucille Ball, Mame

A foghorn of a voice and a screen that went all Vaseliney whenever she appeared made it hard to love Lucy. It was more like Maim.

*Madonna, The Next Best Thing

Director John Schlesinger had a heart attack while filming this. He blamed it on Madonna! So did the critics!