American Fast-Food Chains Invade Russia; Eating Healthy Is (Gasp!) Expensive


The lowly pickle, now an American staple, was once reviled as a vinegary, garlicky Jewish immigrant import.
[NY Times]

American fast-food chains have invaded Russia, where they can charge quite a bit more for food than in the U.S.
[Business Insider]

The team behind 1Oak in Chelsea will take over the Light Group’s 16,000-square-foot JET nightclub at the Mirage in Las Vegas.
[NY Post]

A new study reveals that eating healthy, according to the new MyPlate initiative, can add at least $380 to one’s annual grocery bill.
[NBC News]

Kraft Foods has announced that it will split its company in two: one company for its U.S. grocery business and the other for its global snacks portfolio.

New York’s new kosher-labeling laws have been approved by the federal government, allowing producers and distributors to manage certification and not the state.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested and 5,000 businesses shut down as part of a food-safety crackdown in China.
[Wall Street Journal]