Band Of Horses Turn Lemons Into A Show At The Hammerstein Ballroom Next Week


Over the weekend Southern-rock boy band Kings of Leon had a meltdown in Dallas that resulted in them canceling their tour, a fate that left Band of Horses, who were slated to open for them at sheds across America, at loose ends. But they bounced back, setting up shows in the cities they were scheduled to visit—and that includes New York. Kings of Leon and Band of Horses were scheduled to play Jones Beach next Wednesday, August 10—but since that isn’t happening, that night the shimmery Seattle-based act will headline the Hammerstein Ballroom instead. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. “Scheduled Openers: TBA.”

Freed by the constrains of having to get off the stage after 30 or so minutes, for their Fort Lauderdale show they did one of those Facebook-setlist-contest things; this also opened up the possibility of playing deeper cuts in order to please those diehards who are super into hearing “a sad man complaining at 80 beats per minute.” (Their words, not mine! Although they could have been!) No word on whether or not that’s the plan for Wednesday, but maybe they’ll at least throw in an Archers of Loaf cover.