Birthers Use Barack Obama’s 50th Birthday to Beat Birth Certificate Horse, Again


We want to wish President Barack Obama, who is a Leo, a happy 50th birthday. Of course, not everyone is happy to let the president have his day. The birthers over at Death By 1000 Papercuts insist on making this day about the question of Obama’s birth certificate.

They write:

At least August 4 is the day we were told on which Mr. Obama’s birthday occurs. Of course, without a proper birth certificate, we’ll have to take the president’s word on what day his birthday really falls on. And both sides of the political spectrum know exactly how reliable the word of Barack H. Obama is!

To which rational human beings reply:

President Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate

Of course, this isn’t enough for some people. Joseph Farah still has doubts:

Because of the overwhelming evidence put forward now from document experts who have examined this official White House deception, it’s all a matter of public record. Obama’s birth certificate fraud is indefensible. In desperation, like others in his position in the past, he has decided to cover up the original crime with an even more serious crime. But now he has left a paper trail in his wake.

How long will it take to see him frog-marched down Pennsylvania Avenue?

How will this charade finally be resolved?

What steps need to be taken to see justice prevail?

We’re not nearly as far away as you might think. While the media and the failed Washington political establishment would like it to just go away, that will never happen.

Not as long as I am around to sit on Obama’s birthday cake.

The day of reckoning is coming for Obama — and for all the suits that helped him deceive the American people and helped him find the loopholes in the American political system.

Certifigate will be his undoing — as long as you won’t let it go.

Would you like to see those billboards all over America in 2012? Do you think it will make a difference in undermining his illegitimate authority and his prospects for extending it?

Happy birthday, President Obama. We hope you got to sleep late and missed all this, and are now having cake for breakfast. Which Joseph Farah did not actually sit on.

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