Irate Soap Opera Fans Use Twitter to Chew Out The Chew


The Chew won’t have its premiere for another six weeks or so, but irate soap-opera fans have already decided they hate it.

When the daytime food talk show premieres on September 26, it and a health-oriented talk show called The Revolution will take over the time slots formerly occupied by All My Children and One Life to Live. Soap-opera fans, who tend to be a rather passionate bunch, are not happy about this, and have channeled their displeasure into not one but two Twitter feeds called The Chew and Vomit and Screw the Chew. “Really, ABC?” reads a typical tweet on Screw the Chew. “‘Small shrimp are less expensive and just as tasty!’ That’s what The Chew has to offer? Y’all are sad. Just sad.”

Meanwhile, The Chew and Vomit tweeted at Michael Symon, one of the show’s hosts, to say, somewhat unnecessarily, “We will NOT WATCH!” Symon actually seemed bummed out: “and ppl wonder why @altonbrown got off twitter,” he tweeted. “its pppl [sic] like this that give u second thoughts.” Somehow, we doubt ABC shares his reservations.