Kevin Sorbo: Versace Made A Pass At Me


A while ago, I ran Kevin Sorbo‘s remembrance — as told on the Frank DeCaro show — that when Sorbo was a model, Gianni Versace rested his hand on Sorbo’s thigh.

That had the young model famously responding, “Sorry, but I’m a flaming heterosexual!”

Well, in his upcoming memoir, True Strength, Sorbo adds more details to the story.

According to Sorbo, the designer had an answer for that.

“Kay-vin,” he intoned, “in life you must try everything.

“In sex, too, you must try — with a woman, with a man, with a dog and a goat. You must try everything and experience the entire world.”

Sorbo demurred, and says the aftermath wasn’t so bad.

“Although I never did get the Versace campaign,” he relates, “we remained friends, and I continued to do his shows.

“He was a very bright, talented, charming man.”

I agree — and so does my boyfriend the goat.