What’s on Steve Buscemi’s Stoop? We Talk With the Guy Behind the Tumblr


Have you heard of the Tumblr called What’s on Steve Buscemi’s Stoop? On it, a man who is not Steve Buscemi but happens to live near him chronicles the interesting, bizarre, and mundane miscellany placed out on Steve Buscemi’s stoop by, it can generally be assumed, Steve Buscemi. He’s been at it for a few years now, taking photos of hats with attached ponytails, old doors, vintage mixtapes, and other discarded Buscemi treasures. We spoke to that man, who wishes to remain anonymous but goes by the pen name of Elliott Larkfield (a name with what may be the shortest Wikipedia entry in the history of Wikipedia entries associated with it).

Is Steve Buscemi aware of your Tumblr?
If he is aware of it, he hasn’t contacted me about it. I can only assume that if he had a problem with it, he would let me know.

You’d take it down?
I’d take it down; I’m not looking to violate privacy or anything. For me it’s kind of a found art project.

What’s your response to those calling it an invasion of privacy?
I’m not looking to piss off neighbors, and no one has confronted me. I’m not particularly secretive. It’s all what you can see from the sidewalk.

Have you actually seen or met Steve Buscemi? Do you think he’d appreciate your Tumblr?
I’ve seen him a few times. He seems like the kind of guy who might like it. Hopefully he’d be O.K. with it. I’m a big fan!

What was the inception for the Tumblr?
Well, I’ve lived in Park Slope for about eight years. People here know he lives in the area — so does John Turturro — they’ll point it out and say, “That’s where John Turturro lives,” “That’s where Steve Buscemi lives.” It happens to beon the street where I walk our dog every day. One day there was a doll head on the fence, and I took a picture of it with my iPhone, then posted it to Facebook and told my friends about it. That became my first post.

I’d see other weird things on his stoop and around the side, stuff for people to take. I just kept taking pics, and I thought, Maybe I need a dedicated platform for this.

How many posts do you have at this point?
There are probably dozens. I’ve been doing it for a few years, probably since 2009. There will be fallow periods, when he’s on vacation, and then there will be, for example, the week when he put out all the hats. I never put things on the stoop or try to manipulate or cross over the property line. The photo happens in the moment as I walk by. Sometimes I don’t have a camera, and I don’t go back to try to recreate that moment.

You took one of the hats, right? What else have you taken?
I’ve only taken two things that he was giving away, the hat with the ponytail and a tie featuring the centennial of a town in Iowa.

Did you find anything today?
Nope, all quiet. It’s been that way the last couple of weeks. It’s possible they’re on vacation.

If you didn’t know it was Steve Buscemi’s stuff, would you guess it?
It really is just average person stuff for the most part. Maybe he was doing some cleaning, thinking I need more room for my Emmys, that sort of thing. Except for some of the swag that’s clearly from shoots he’s done, like the Big Lebowski hat, it’s stuff the average person would put out on their stoop in Brooklyn.

That’s what makes it sort of magical, right?
It’s in a very unassuming block in Park Slope, it’s not one of the mansions right by the park. I think that is it wouldn’t be as interesting if it was very “celebrity.”

What do you hope will happen with this?
My dream ending is to see him on the stoop itself. I would take a picture of that, him on the stoop, and probably end the Tumblr. If he wants to arrange it, I’d do that!

And that would be that?
I might move on to John Turturro’s driveway.

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Update: This was posted on What’s on Steve Buscemi’s Stoop today:

This morning I received a nice e-mail from Lucian Buscemi, Steve’s son, asking me to discontinue the blog. While the notion of going all V for Vendetta on Park Slope’s ass has its appeal, I don’t want to be slinking around the neighborhood taking pictures in defiance of the Buscemi family’s express wishes. I always said I would honor any request from Steve to stop documenting the activity on his stoop, and this is close enough. Accordingly, this blog is officially discontinued. You may feel free to pursue other passive-aggressive online diversions.