Yelawolf Lords Over The VIP Section On “Hard White (Up In The Club)”


The fleet-tongued Alabama MC Yelawolf has been making the rounds on the Warped Tour in advance of his major-label debut Radioactive, which comes out next month, and last night that album’s first single leaked. “Hard White (Up In The Club)” is a flip of the club-jam with Yela using the setting not as a means to its own black-hole end, but more as a podium from which he can brag about his recent ascent and drink non-well whiskey (in this case, the Lil Jon assist seems more like an attempt to set a scene than any sort of retro bandwagon-jumping). He also notes that, no, despite his skin color and tattoos he’s not the next Fred Durst. (Which, I mean, if you ever heard him run a verse over with the lingual equivalent of a really fast car you’d know this, but I guess it’s good that he’s disabusing those who might judge the music before hearing it of this notion.) Clip below.

“Jesus drives a Harley, the devil wears Prada/ If God was one of us, he’d prob’ly drink vodka.” Man, now I want him to do a song about loving the low life with Ke$ha.

[Lyrics via The Rockabye Review]