7 More Ways Cabbies Have Avoided Taking You to Brooklyn


As New Yorkers, we have something in common. We have almost all, at some point or another, been denied a ride to a borough to which we would like to travel. Hence the 30 comments on our recent post about this very real problem! We spoke to the TLC’s deputy commissioner for public affairs, Allan Fromberg, who told that the bump in Brooklyn complaints were what led them “to work so closely with Councilman Vacca and the Council to beef up the penalties as we did.”

Regardless of those penalties, you had a lot to share about the various creative ways in which cabbies have ignored your Brooklyn-bound pleas:

  • It’s insane the things I’ve heard! My brakes don’t work well on the bridge. My shift is over. I don’t go to Brooklyn, I only go to Long Island City. My “meter isn’t working” all of a sudden, I only go uptown…. The list is endless! I even had a cab put me out of the car on Canal Street because he needed to wash his car on 50th before his shift ended so I couldn’t go to Brooklyn. –Tracey Coleman
  • I’ve had a cab driver refuse to take me home to Brooklyn because he claimed that he had to go pray and that it had to happen before sundown. –Caitlin
  • Throwing your bags on the curb and pulling you out of the cab. –Nicolatta
  • Once a cabbie forced me out in the middle of the street and made me get in another cab. The next driver spent the whole ride cursing the first one for forcing me on him. I don’t get it, it’s like a $20 fare and I lived off Bedford in Williamsburg! –Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
  • My favorite was a cab driver refusing near 26th and Broadway, then finally giving in. When we hit Delancey I realized he didn’t have the meter on. He said he was “doing [me] a favor. I’m giving you a ride home for a deal”…he told me he was only going to charge me $75 to get back to Bushwick, normally a ~$20 fare before tip. He lost his mind, left his cab in the middle of the stopped intersection, and tried to chase me down the street when I got out. –MLP MLP
  • My favorite was the guy at JFK who said “You need a Brooklyn specialist.” I shut him up when I a) said “Well, then you guys need to have lots elsewhere so you get called when someone’s going to your borough of specialization” and b) pulling out Mapquest directions right to my apartment and telling him how to get there. –Beth


Though some people said this is precisely why they love New York…

I soooooooo miss New York for this kind of reason….I would have told that cab driver to have a nice day and I would have taken the subway no matter what time it is….It would have been a shorter, less stinkier, quieter, less hassled ride. –Call Me Meshugana

Well, that’s up for discussion. Have you seen some of the stuff that goes down in the subway?

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