Anthony Weiner’s Apartment Being Sold; Where Should He and Huma Abedin Go Next?


Anthony Weiner, sometime New York congressman and prolific sexter, is moving. His Forest Hills apartment, which he and wife Huma Abedin took off the market during this spring’s sex scandal, is now in contract. A receptionist at Madeleine Realty refused to confirm or deny the apartment’s sale to us, but it’s reportedly really happening. There’s no word yet on where the couple will move to, although sources told Page Six that they’ll move out of Weiner’s former Brooklyn and Queens congressional district. Inside, our crowdsourced suggestions for the couple’s next move.

“A deserted island with no Internet”

Speaks for itself.

St. Mark’s Place

From our Web Editor Francesca Stabile, who says that “nobody looks twice at a penis on St. Mark’s Place.” Plus, the Voice office is right near there, so we could get lunch with him and “teach him how to DM.”

The steampunk apartment

Because it’s really cool and it’s for sale. And steampunk is all about being analog, a boon for the digitally-challenged Weiner.


French politicians are all about extra-marital dalliances. Weiner’s career-derailing Internet scandal would have been met with a collective Gallic shrug over there.

Santa Fe

This is our weekend editor Nick Greene’s idea. He says that “My advice when people ask where to move is always the same: Santa Fe. Dry heat, nice artist’s community and all the cactus candy you can eat.” Sure, why not!

Please do post your suggestions for the couple in the comments. Keep in mind that they’re expecting a baby and will need more space (which is, by the way, a likely reason for their move).