Couple Keeps Hope Alive for Return of Stuffed Monkey Doll, Bongo; Man Will Live Homeless for a Week in Grand Central


• Despite ridicule and ransom demands, the couple who lost their monkey doll Bongo in Park Slope are still confident that they will find the stuffed toy, which is “like a son.” Also, don’t go trying to pass off any fake monkeys for the $500 reward — “Bongo has specific marks and features,” [Bonni] Marcus said, refusing to reveal them. “We will definitely know if it’s Bongo.” [NYP]

• A black bear was framed. It did not actually injure two New Jersey boys — hospital officials concluded the abrasions found on the 11- and 12-year-old campers were not caused by a bear. The bear is still being hunted with “baited bacon and boysenberry-scented traps,” however. [NBC NY]

• Yusef Ramelize of Queens, who works as a graphic designer, will live in and around Grand Central Terminal for a week to raise homelessness awareness. He’s done this in years prior as a “Homeless for One Week” campaign. “He won’t return home, go to work or change his clothes, and will carry no cash or electronics except for a small digital camera to document his journey.” Also, he will wear plastic bags for shoes. [DNA Info]

Unemployment has dipped from 9.2% to 9.1%. Yesterday, however, stocks had the single worst day since 2008. The dip in unemployment is mostly from people leaving the work force, though 117,000 jobs were added. [Atlantic Wire]

• 10 people (including 9 firefighters) were injured in an early morning fire in Soho today. It started at around 2 a.m. on Thompson Street, breaking out in the basement of a building. [CBS]

• Newark has appointed its first female police chief, Sheilah Coley. [W-N]

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