Dish No. 63: Iceberg Wedge at the Knickerbocker Bar & Grill


Iceberg wedges are so uncool that they’re cool. Indeed, there’s something alluring about the plain Jane of lettuces. Maybe it’s the icy, watery crunch. Or perhaps it’s the allure of blue cheese, which makes anything it’s paired with taste better. And where better to chomp on such a salad than at the Knickerbocker Bar & Grill, a stalwart in its own right.

For $10, you’ll get not a wedge, but half a head of iceberg, placed in the center of your plate, with sliced tomatoes forming a circle around the base. Shaved red onion is scattered atop the dome, and blue-cheese dressing pools on the plate. It is pretty food styling? Not really. But when it comes to iceberg salad, you’ve gotta go for the 1960s presentation. Add in three of the restaurant’s tasty martinis, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a classic lunch.