Ever Throw A Drink At Someone?


I did once — and it was so not me.

I mean, I’m usually much more passive-aggressive about things.

Besides, there are so many better ways to get back at someone.

You can badmouth them, sue them, try to get them fired, or, in my case, write a blistering column or blog that they’ll never forget.

But in this case, I was so appalled by the way a publicist’s boyfriend made a face and looked away when he was introduced to me that I impulsively took my Diet Coke and threw it right in his face.

There’s just one problem:

I have terrible aim.

I hit the coat he was holding.

The guy never even knew I was angry! When he got home and smelled his coat, he probably thought he’d spilled the stuff on himself.

And that’s another reason I don’t throw drinks at people. I’ll save it for the dying genre of daytime soap operas.