Question About The Stock Market Nosedive


So just last week, everyone was freaking about how some legislation averting a national default would have to be signed by the bigwigs or the market would crash faster than a ValuJet.

And then various people made unspeakably whorish compromises and something was signed, practically at the last minute, as the world held its bad breath.

But because what was signed spells disaster for the economy — along with other horrific statistics floating in — the market crashed faster than a ValuJet anyway???

Anyone sensing that a lose-lose scenario was what we were dealing with, and no matter what was done about the debt crisis, everything would have come up dead roses???

And one more question:

Could the people who told me to hold on to my stocks — when I was anxiously asking last week whether this might be a good time to cash in my chips and avoid a disaster — please eat shit and die????