The Wassaic Project is Happening This Weekend


The Wassaic Project, the third annual art festival that fills a meadow with campers, turns a barn into a movie theater, and stuffs and a seven story silo with art, is happening this weekend. We went last year, and had about as much fun as you can have at a camping/art festival this side of Black Rock City, Nevada.

This year’s Wassaic Project features over 20 bands, 20 films, and 100 artists. It’s cheap to camp for the weekend, and free to attend events and look at art for the day. While the festival’s proximity to the Metro North train station is convenient, keep this in mind if you camp: around 5:00 AM each morning, you’ll feel like you’re in Inception as the hourly trains start barreling through your dreams, shattering the peace and quiet you’ve schlepped out into the country to enjoy.

Still, it’s a great pressure valve release for those needing to get the hell out of Dodge. (Plus, last year, the art rocked.) | @steven_thrasher