Tons of Turkey Recalled; Target Now a Grocery Store, Too


Cargill, one of the country’s largest meat producers, is recalling more than 35 million pounds of ground turkey in association with the salmonella poisonings that killed one and sickened 76.
[USA Today]

Really fancy kids can now get served puréed squash, organic chicken, and “babe-a-ccinos” (that’s coffee-free cappuccino) at certain restaurants.
[Wall Street Journal]

Rawesome, a raw-food shop in Venice Beach, was raided and its owner arraigned on charges of illegally making, labeling, and selling raw milk products.
[NY Times]

A new study shows that even though Americans know about functional foods — like salmon, whole grains, and dark leafy greens — they don’t eat enough of them.

Target, like other big-box retailers and drugstore chains, is selling more groceries these days, with the aim of being a true “one-stop” shop.
[NY Daily News]