Salvatore Di Bartolo Arrested for Stalking Mayor Bloomberg’s Daughter


Salvatore Di Bartolo, a 48-year old Queens man, was arrested after sending a series of text messages to an NYPD sergeant asking for help in contacting both Mayor Bloomberg and his daughter, Georgina. The Daily News reports that Di Bartolo, a pizza worker, had sent six messages to the sergeant regarding the planning of his fantasy wedding with Georgina. “Two dozen police and federal agents” arrested Di Bartolo in June, and details about the allegations and arrest are being released. Anytime there is a 4:1 police officer and federal agent to text message ratio, you can assume the threat was taken seriously.

Di Bartolo sent the text messages less than a week after being warned by the sergeant not to get in contact with Bloomberg in any way, “including through any third party.” According to court documents, Di Bartolo told the arresting officer that he didn’t care about the warning because he and Georgina “were going to be married.”

The Daily News paints a sad picture of Di Bartolo, a divorced dad of two who “[sells] plastic Jesus statues and votive candles from the stoop of his building” when not working at the pizza shop. In 2007, his girlfriend passed away and a neighbor said, “He kinda lost it when she died.” On a handwritten court filing, Di Bartolo claimed he was held “on redicolouse charges of harasment of Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of the NY City Mayor.”

His Facebook page looks to still be up, and his interests include “Mike Bloomberg,” “Rudolf Giuliani,” “Donald J. Trump,” “Jewish dating sites” and “Being Single And Doing Whatever I Want.”

He is being held at Rikers Island in lieu of $25,000 bail.

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