Frank Ocean’s “Best Seller” Flips The Script, Sorta


“Best Seller,” the newest track from the rapidly ascending R&B singer-songwriter Frank Ocean, made its way online over the weekend. And as luck would have it, Watch The Throne, which features him on two tracks and will likely be a best seller of its own, finally landed on peoples’ hard drives. So, hey, angle! “Best Seller” is more uptempo than Ocean’s past offerings, with a plinky, airy feel that brings to mind Kanye West’s “Heard ‘Em Say” and R. Kelly’s buried-but-great “Don’t Let Go” and lyrics that seem to push against both the song’s sonic accessibility and its creator’s rising profile: “The publishers, they tryna call us/ They tryna meet us lately/ And I say “It’s precious/ And it’s private, sho’ ain’t for profit’/ And if they don’t understand/ Baby, I ain’t givin’ a damn/ I’m tryna accept this, I’m sorry/ These chapters ain’t for sale.” Ah, sweet subversion.

[Via The Rockabye Review]