JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports All Having Issues These Days


At Newark airport, your  flight will rarely be on time. At JFK, your stuff might get stolen: according to the Post, larcenies at Kennedy Airport are up 30 percent from the first half of 2010 (the most commonly stolen items are laptops and iPads). Looks like we’re all booking out of LaGuardia! But LaGuardia is where seven percent of the luggage scales are faulty, potentially increasing baggage costs, and also where you might undergo an invasive three-minute frisking by the TSA. Greyhound bus, anyone?

What’s happening at JFK might actually just be more honest reporting. A source told the Post that Port Authority Police higher-ups tell or have told officers to report crimes as petit rather than grand larcenies. So it’s possible that the spike translates to more officers reporting grand larcenies as what they are, as opposed to fudging the nature of the crime. There were also less “lost property” reports this year than last, which could mean that what were once alleged “lost properties” are now reported more truthfully as thefts. We’ve put in a call to the Port Authority Police and will update if they choose to comment.

As for Newark, the “one airport to avoid“? This blogger is flying there in two weeks, on the 5 p.m. Atlanta-Newark flight that is described as one of the most chronically delayed flights in the country. Wish us luck.