My Book Is Available For Ordering


My newest book, Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back, has an official pub date of September 1, but one of my millions of fans (shut up) has alerted me to the fact that it’s available on Amazon , and in fact she was just told her copy shipped right away.

It’s a preemie baby, and such a cutie!

The book is the long-awaited collection of my best columns, including interviews with racy notables (like Sarah Silverman, Jerry Springer, Paris Hilton, and Michael Lucas), sociopolitical rants, screeds about the 10 worst people in NYC, celebrity outings, and romps with everyone from Sade to Faye Dunaway to Lindsay Lohan and the Addams Family.

Plus I’ve included an introduction about my lifelong addiction to gossip, as well as original essays about the celebrity closet, the allure of blind items, the pitfalls of the social-networking generation, and the thrill of blogging. (Some of you are even mentioned by name. Well, fake name.)

Anyway, you can’t afford to miss this baby.

It’s about the world where sex is a success weapon and love is the smiling mask of hate.

So cute!